More about body wraps

The It Works! Global Ultimate Body Applicator gives the users of this unique product amazing results of skin that is tightened, toned and firmed in as little as 45 minutes! The product is very therapeutic to the skin and also pleasant to the senses! This product is excellent in minimizing the appearance of cellulite while improving the skin’s overall texture in areas the wraps are applied. This product is very easy to use and with continued usage the user will see progressive results every 72 hours from the time of the applications. The applications can be applied to the neck, *thighs, *tummy (abdominal area),*back and upper arms.

The cloth is made of a non-woven cloth that is infused with a powerful, botanical based formula!

In only three easy steps users of this sensational product will see excellent results.

1. Take it out unfold and apply to your body where you need it the most and keep it on at least 45 minutes. The product is even good enough wrap your body and sleep with it on once you are used to wearing the wrap for 45 minutes! You’ll feel great in the morning!

2. This product is recommended to be used every 72 hour along with the Contouring Body Gel.

3. With better eating habits and consuming nutritional supplements, results are more evident than that of a poor diet.

It is also recommended if you are under doctor’s care and taking medication, to obtain a product ingredient list to consult with your physician.Image




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